Canary Islands Tourism Research site

Inbound tourism into the Canary Islands is analysed on a monthly basis using different approaches and sources:

  • Passenger arrivals (AENA) shows the demand for flights into the islands (both tourists and returning Canary Islanders). 
  • Tourist arrivals (Frontur, ISTAC) provides data on tourists entering the Canary Islands. The arrival of tourists into each Spanish Autonomous Community is also published (Frontur, INE); this enables comparisons of how the Canary Islands compares with the national context.
  • The volume of guests in accommodation and main tourist accommodation indicators by islands. This section provides information for each island, including travellers registered, bednights, average length of stay and profitability indicators. 
  • Cruise ship traffic, based on passengers entering Canary Islands ports. 

In addition to monthly publications, time series for both passengers and tourists are produced so that changes in outbound market trends can be analysed. Lastly, the "Correlations" section analyses all these sources together with air connectivity to make forecasts and study the source markets trends.